Alcazaba - Muslim castle

Alcazaba - Muslim castle of Almeria【 Almería Coast】
La Alcazaba de Almería es un recinto amurallado declarado Bien de Interés Cultural y máximo exponente de
la herencia musulmana en la ciudad de Almería.
Puerta de entrada a la Alcazaba
South facade of the Castle

The Alcazaba of Almería is a walled enclosure declared of Cultural Interest and maximum exponent of the Muslim heritage in the city of Almería.

This monument stands on the hill of San Cristobal and is visible from anywhere in the city becoming a symbol of Almeria.

A alcazaba is a fortified citadel by thick walls containing the seat of government, houses and mosque. The Alcazaba of Almería has three separate precincts, two of Muslim origin and one third of the Christian era.


Its construction began in 955 by order of the caliph of Al-Andalus, Ab al-Rahman III and was completed during the reign of Al-Jairan, the first king of the independent taifa of Almeria

After the reconquest of the city, year 1489, the Catholic Kings ordered the construction of a castle inside the walls of the citadel.


Around the year 1522 there was a great earthquake in Almeria that destroyed most of the constructions of the citadel, even so the visit to this site is of great interest because the walls, the watchtowers, and the foundations of the buildings are conserved that formed the whole.

  • First enclosure. It is a large clearing that was used to camp the troops and to take refuge in the town in case of attack.
  • Second enclosure. It was the palatial city where the rulers lived, their guards and their servants. It had palaces, baths, cisterns, shops and a mosque.
  • Third enclosure. Mandated by the Catholic Kings, it consists of two defensive towers and a keep , which was used as a residence.
  • Walls of Jairán or Cerro de San Cristóbal. They are located on the hill of the same name and are the only part that remains of the huge wall that surrounded the entire Muslim city . It has seven towers.

History and plan of the Alcazaba

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