Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar ▶ Almeria coast 【What to see - What to do】
The main attraction of Roquetas de Mar are its beaches, but it has other activities to do and see: ✅ map beaches, golf, sports, nightclubs, leisure

What to see and do in Roquetas de Mar?

Maritime walk and Santa Ana castle

Roquetas de Mar is one of the largest tourist centers on the Almeria coast , both for its size, services and quality of its facilities, and for the large number of tourists who demand them annually.

25000 hotel rooms, a golf course, a water park, an aquarium, an auditorium, with a wide range of concerts, a marina, a shopping center, a seafront promenade and countless nightspots, make up the vast offer of services offered by this beautiful enclave, in constant growth since 1967 was declared Center of National Tourist Interest. A city of leisure by the sea.

The city's coastline is an urban continuum parallel to the sea , a network of new residential, parks, streets and avenues that lead to wide beaches covered by an extensive promenade, the largest in the coast of Almeria. Urbanizations and promenade link with the port, the lighthouse, the Santa Ana Castle and the fishermen's quarter, nowadays a beautiful historic-monumental complex.

The town of Roquetas de Mar had been, until the boom of tourism, a small coastal settlement, of contained population and small size. A town that lived on brines, fishing and traditional agriculture. Today all this has been forgotten and fishing is testimonial. Just forty boats and no more than two hundred fishermen, dedicated to the gear of the trammel net, the trap and the longline, endure.

The decade of the seventies marked the beginning of the great transformations that this municipality would have to experience. At this time, Roquetas de Mar began a strong economic expansion, driven by agriculture and tourism , which resulted in great demographic and urban growth, which widened its limits until then collected around the church. Today Roquetas is a prosperous city, due to its tourist facilities, a Mediterranean city, bustling, cheerful and cosmopolitan .

Roquetas de Mar also has an important monumental and environmental heritage that is mainly composed of the Castle of Santa Ana, the Lighthouse of Roquetas de Mar, the natural area of ​​Punta Entinas-Sabinar and the beaches awarded with the Blue Flag quality accreditation.

Useful information

Hospitals and health centers.

Emergency Telephone: 112 or phone 902 50 50 61

Hospital of Poniente-El Ejido

Ctra. Almerimar, nº 31
04700 - Ejido, El
Phone: 950 02 25 00

Roquetas Health Center

CL Las Marinas, s/n
04740 - Roquetas de Mar
Phone: 950 03 71 62


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