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Vera has excellent beaches that are the claim for thousands of tourists. What to do✅ map beaches, nudism, golf, sports, nightclubs, leisure
Houses in Vera

This city of eastern Almería has become one of the main destinations of naturist tourism in Europe. Vera already consolidated as an important reference in terms of sun and beach tourism has reserved some beaches for the practice of nudism, generating a wide range of hotels, campsites, rental apartments and gastronomy, for nudists.

The population of Vera is formed by the urban centers of Vera Pueblo, in the interior, and Vera Playa, on the coast. One of the outstanding visits to Vera Pueblo is its bullring, built in the 19th century, it is one of the oldest bull rings preserved in Spain. Vera Playa is a modern and tourist-oriented town that offers all the necessary services to enjoy the holidays.

Nudism in Vera

Vera has always been one of the Spanish tourist destinations preferred by the practitioners of Nudism. There is a large amount of offer related to naturist tourism, Vera has the only hotel in Spain one hundred percent nudist and naturist, naturist developments and a wide range of leisure, catering, water sports.

Throughout the 6 kilometers of beaches that Vera has, traditional family tourism coexists with nudist tourism, concentrating, mostly, the nudists in the northern area of Playazo Beach.

Useful information

Nearby hospitals

Emergency Telephone 112 Alternative: 902 50 50 61

La Inmaculada Hospital (AGS Norte de Almería)

Avda. Dra. Ana Parra s/n
04600 - Huércal-Overa
Phone: 950 02 90 00

Hospital complex Torrecárdenas

Paraje Torrecárdenas s/n
04009 - Almería
Phone 950 01 60 00

Vera Health Center

04620 - Vera
Phone: 950 45 15 22

Tourist Office

Phone: 950 39 31 42


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