Vera Beach

Vera Beach ▶ Almeria coast
Vera urban and nudist beaches ✅ Las Marinas, Bolaga, Quitapellejos, El Playazo, Cala Marqués. Situation, state of the beaches.

Beach of Las Marinas – Bolaga

Beach of Las Marinas – Bolaga en Vera

Las Marinas - Bolaga is the beach that is located more to the south of the municipality of Vera. It is a huge beach with 1775 meters long and very wide, begins at the end of the municipal district of Garrucha, where the marina ends, and ends at the mouth of the Antas River. It is here at the mouth of the river where there is a lagoon declared Protected Natural Area, because it is the place of nesting and passage of many migratory birds that make the journey from Africa to northern Europe. Normally this lagoon does not reach the sea, and is separated from it by sand, on the occasions that the river has a flood the water reaches the sea, but then, by natural process of sedimentation, the sand returns to occupy the space between the lagoon and the sea.

Parallel to the beach runs a promenade, which also ends at the Antas river. This promenade is landscaped, is very quiet and has a bike path, playgrounds for children, parking near the beach, restaurants and ice cream stands. On the beach there are a couple of beach bars where to eat or have a drink. The beach has the Q quality certification and despite being busy, being so large, no agglomerations form.

Beach of Puerto Rey

This beach is located in the urbanization called Puerto Rey, a quiet area of ​​low houses with sports facilities and gardens. This urban beach has no promenade and extends from the mouth of the Antas River to Playazo Beach. The beach has access for people with disabilities, showers, toilets and some chiringuitos. The degree of occupancy of this urban beach is high, but like the other beaches of Vera, being so big you do not feel crowded.

Beach of El Playazo

Beach of  El Playazo de Vera

Playazo is the largest and most important beach in Vera. It is located in the area of ​​the hotels and with more than 2 kilometers in length it is a huge and beautiful beach. In a section it has a promenade with gardens for the walk, restaurants, beach bars and even a beach club. Normally the level of occupation of the beach is high, the sand is fine and tasty, and has all the services, such as showers, toilets, access walkways for the disabled, etc.

The Naturist beach is located in the northern part of Playa del Playazo, once the promenade ends, and has naturist hotels, urbanizations and restaurants. This area is world famous among the naturist faithful for being the first European enclave officially declared for the practice of nudism.

Beach of Quitapellejos o Cala Marqués

The beach of Quitapellejos, also known as Cala Marqués, is the quietest and least frequented beach in Vera. It is a semi-urban beach as it extends from the naturist urbanization located at the end of Vera Hornillos point and in the neighboring municipality of Palomares, the beach area that belongs to Vera is urbanized and the northern area that belongs to Palomares is virgin beach. The final part of the beach, where there is also a small private cove, there is a pine forest and is an exceptional place to bathe. This last part of the beach is oriented towards the south, so the bathroom in this part is more recommendable than in the rest of the beaches of Vera when the strong east wind blows.

Beach of Quitapellejos o Cala Marqués en Vera


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