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Beaches in Almeria City【 Almería Coast 】
Beach of San Miguel and Zapillo · Beach of Palmeral · Beach of la Térmica · Beach of Nueva Almería · Beach of las Olas · Beach of Costacabana

Almeria capital has some excellent beaches both for the quality of the sand and the cleanliness of the water . A little less than a kilometer from the center, the beaches begin with almost three kilometers of coastal beaches. The beaches of Almería have, most with the accreditation of Blue Flag , for the cleanliness and the services they offer.

A part of the bath and sunbathing in the sand, there are several leisure activities that we can do on the beaches of the capital such as beach volleyball, paddle surfing or take something cool in the numerous chiringuitos(beach bars) whether on the beach or on the seafront.

Beach of San Miguel Almería
Beach of Palmeral Almería
Beach of Nueva Almería
Beach of Costacabana

List of beaches in the city of Almería

Beach of San Miguel - Zapillo

Beach of San Miguel El Zapillo Almería

This urban beach is which is closer to the city center . We can reach it by car, walking (it is 1 kilometer from the center, 16 minutes) or by bus. The urban bus lines 11, 12 and 18 make the whole journey parallel to the beaches, we just need to get off at any stop on Avenida Cabo de Gata and we will be a step away from the beach.

This huge beach stretches along more than two kilometers, each section receives different names that we explain later. It's a Beach of fine, dark sand , with a high summer occupancy level. It is equipped with surveillance and relief posts, showers, toilets and access for people with disabilities. All the urban beaches of Almeria have west orientation, so when the wind is strong from that direction there will be a lot of waves.

Along the beach stretches the promenade that in this area has a wide range of restaurants, tapas bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors, terraces.

Beach of Palmeral

Beach ofl Palmeral Almería

The Beach of Palm Grove is the continuation of the Beach of the Zapillo, as is it, it is equipped with promenade, guard posts, showers and bathrooms . It is in the area of ​​the intersection of Avenida Cabo de Gata and Avenida Mediterráneo, where there is a large parking area full of palm trees. This summer parking lot is quickly filled, so we must leave the car in the parking lot next to the Maestro Padilla auditorium, and cross the Cabo de Gata avenue to get to the beach. If we go by bus, lines 11, 12 and 18 have stops in the palm grove and in the auditorium.

Beach of

Just opposite the area of ​​the palm grove there is a breakwater parallel to the coast that serves to make the sea in this area much quieter, especially when the west wind blows. In this area there are not so many restaurants on the promenade but we will find a couple of beach bars on the beach .

Beach of la Térmica

After Beach ofl Palmeral begins the Beach of La Térmica. It is called like that because before in front of the beach a thermal power plant of the Seville electricity company was located. Nowadays the land of the plant is occupied by some high residential buildings in whose low we will find places of restoration and stores of the Chinese .

Beach of

In front of this beach there is a long accessible breakwater that is an ideal place to fish . Similarly, this breakwater serves as a refuge and in this area the water is usually calmer than in the rest of the beaches.

Beach of Nueva Almería

Beach of Nueva Almería

The Beach of Nueva Almería is located in front of the residential neighborhood of Nueva Almería and is the beach located more to the east, and farther from the center, of the urban beaches of Almería . There is a large parking lot on the same avenue of Cabo de Gata, once the houses of Nueva Almería are finished.

Beach of

The seafront continues in this area but no longer find bars or restaurants yes some ice cream kiosk. In the same arena there are three beach bars , spread along the beach, where you can eat or drink something.

Beach of

In the final part of the beach we will find old machine-gun bunkers built during the civil war to watch over the city's coast.

Beach of las Olas

Small beach, 250 meters, located in the west of the city, next to the breakwater wall of the fishing port of Almeria . It can be considered a semi-urban beach because although it is attached to an infrastructure of the city is far from any housing, the closest neighborhood is the Pescaderías.

Beach of

It is accessed by a small road on the N-340a road, at the exit of the tunnel, towards Aguadulce. The only peculiarity of this beach is that it is the only one of the city oriented to the east, and that is attached to the great breakwater of the port, so in days of strong west wind is a good option .

Beach of Costacabana

Beach of Costacabana

The Beach of Costacabana is quite secluded from the capital , at the height of the airport, about 9 kilometers from the city center. And you can reach it by car, road AL-3202, or by public transport, bus Line 18 that goes from the center of Almeria to Costacabana . The Beach of Costacabana was totally regenerated in 2016 resulting in a splendid Beach of more than one kilometer in length.

Beach of

The Beach of this neighborhood in Almeria had always been lacking in sand since, although from time to time they provided new sand, the torrential rains and the sea ended up taking back the sand. With the works of 2016, five breakwaters were built along the beach, with lengths between 125 and 135 meters, to prevent the sea from carrying the sand. And the beaches were filled with quarry sand.


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