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Beach of Poniente

This beach is located in the center of the cove of San Miguel, which is the natural bay in which Almerimar is located. It starts at the city's marina and extends to the last car park on Avenida del Mar, 1990 meters.
Parallel to the beach runs the Almerimar promenade which has a bicycle lane.
It is the beach that faces the large hotels - golf resort of the city center.
There are several places to park the car and the occupation level is medium.

Beach of Poniente en Almerimar

Beach of Levante

It goes from the marina to the Punta Entinas-Sabinar Natural Park, 950 meters long.
It is in front of the urbanizations built more to the east in Almerimar. This beach is especially advisable when there is strong east wind , because it is facing west and the sea remains calm.

Beach of San Miguel

This is the longest beach in the cove of Almerimar , 2200 meters, and goes from the last car park on Avenida del Mar to the end of the urbanization of Lake Victoria.
It is frequented by tourists staying in the urbanizations of the west of Almerimar and its degree of occupation, even in the middle of summer is medium.

Beach of San Miguel en Almerimar

Beach of las Guadias Viejas

This beach is next to the neighborhood of Guardias Viejas at the end of Almerimar going towards the west.
It is an area frequented by motorhomes with coarse sand and a sea in excellent conditions.
It is next to the Castle of Old Guards, now renovated and turned into a military museum . On windy days, this area is ideal for sports such as surfing, windsurfing or kiting, because when it is on a point it is more exposed.

Beaches in Punta Entinas-Sabinar

Set of beaches in a virgin state along more than 14 kilometers of coastline.
It consists of the following beaches:

  • Punta Entinas Beach
  • Percheles Beach
  • El Sabinar Lighthouse Beach
  • Los Cerrillos Beach
To know more about This natural park visits the page of Punta Entinas-Sabinar .


Playa Punta Entinas


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